Navigating healthcare can be painful

It's no secret that healthcare systems can be improved. Patients are confused, medical providers are frustrated and employers are concerned.

As low as 15% of patients understand the basics of their health plan, yet over 75% of patients want better relationships and access to providers. Employers are at  center of the struggle and are looking for help to gain more control over rising costs while continuing to provide excellent plans and resources for their employees. We are here to help.

 MediBookr was created by a patient with a diagnosis


After attempting to navigate an overly complex health system, while working through an equally complex health plan sponsored by her employer, MediBookr's founder determined to help establish a better way for patients to navigate their plan.


Along with a savvy team of healthcare and technology experts,

MediBookr was founded on the philosophy that given the right

resources, employers and health systems can work together

to provide the optimal navigation experience for the patient.

Become a MediBookr partner

Structuring a great medical benefits plan takes a team. If you are a benefits consultant, TPA or another innovative solution, we would love to join teams and make a difference with our clients.

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August 2017

Techweek awards MediBookr as a finalist of the Rising Startup competition...

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September 2017

MediBookr wins business competition sponsored by Southwest Airlines...



June 2017

MediBookr is chosen as one of the 16 most innovative startups at Premier's Innovation Celebration...

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September 2017

MediBookr earns finalist position in healthcare excellence companies...


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