• Erik Williams, COO

MediBookr is helping municipalities

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

It goes without saying that municipalities have unique requirements for their health plan in order to meet the needs of their fire, police and general government employees.

MediBookr partners with municipalities as a tailored solution and has made a big impact on a North Texas group, The City of Hurst.

“We are very pleased to announce the renewal of our service with the City (of Hurst).” said Sunny Nadolsky, CEO of MediBookr. “The general government, council, police and fire workers of Hurst have such a critical and challenging role. We are very proud to be able to offer their amazing people better resources to compare healthcare options specific to their needs, their insurance, and their budget.”

MediBookr has been providing service to the City since 2017 during which we have received positive feedback from City members.

“MediBookr’s solution provides members the flexibility to find the right provider for the right price before they book an appointment,” said Matia Messemer, Executive Director of Human Resources with the City of Hurst. “We place high value on providing comprehensive health plan solutions for our employees and their families. MediBookr has become a staple of our plan and we look forward to continued engagement with them.”

Our innovative solution fits perfectly with a municipality's unique needs to help contain their rising healthcare costs, minimize employee confusion and consolidate siloed elements of the plan. Public sector companies are also realizing these values of the MediBookr service, however there is a special pride in the hearts of the MediBookr staff when it comes to helping our municipality clients.